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Vogue Dental Studio

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Uwe Blaszak R.D.T. Z.T.

Chief Dental Technician and Oral Designer, Co-founder Vogue Dental Studio

Delivering German trained dental precision since 1973, Uwe is the Chief Technician and co-founder of Vogue Dental Studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Uwe has built his reputation by providing expert solutions to complex dental cases for more than 40 years.

He is a trusted partner to busy dental professionals by combining years of complex dental solutions with state of the art technology and cutting edge training.

In recent years he has used his expertise to work closely with specialists across Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, B.C’s interior and the BC Cancer Agency.

He has been published in technical journals and newsletters.

Monika Blaszak B.A. R.D.T. Assistant

Business Manager, Dental Technician Assistant, Co-founder Vogue Dental Studio

Since 1980, Monika has been a dedicated dental industry professional. She is co-founder of Vogue Dental Studio where she acts as the business manager and assistant to her husband and chief dental technician, Uwe.

She has a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Visual Communication.

About Us

Precision is in the mouth of the beholder.

Your patient has anxiety about the visit to your office.

They may be fearful of their time in the chair.

They wonder if the restoration they need can make them whole again - like the problem never happened...

Your patient sees their teeth as a purely aesthetic part of themselves.

That perfect smile.

A sign of health and vitality.

But you know that every tooth is so much more...

It’s a precision instrument. Part of a complex matrix of enamel, bone, muscle...

...and human emotion.

What if a dental lab worked with you as an extended part of your team? Your trusted partner?

A professional technician dedicated to the custom solution you need, no matter the complexity.

Take advantage of German trained precision and four decades of experience to help you give your patient the outcome they expect.

Vogue Dental Studio was founded to be your dedicated dental partner - for your patients.

Elevating your reputation. Saving you time. Creating valuable word of mouth referrals for your practice.

Featured Work

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Management of the Terminal Dentition With a Bar-Supported Overdenture and a Fixed Overdenture: A Case Report



There are lots of large labs, why use a specialist like you?

That’s a great question.

If you have a complex problem, will the technician at a large lab have the experience and the time to work with you through every detail one on one?

At Vogue we are here to provide you with over 40 years of dental expertise creating custom solutions for complex dental problems.

We don’t shy away from your toughest cases, we embrace them - and deliver - saving you time and money.

What’s the difference between 'mass production' and 'custom'? Isn’t a computer generated tooth the same but cheaper?

Highly experienced dental technicians are becoming harder to find. This is due in part to retirement, but also a shift in the business.

Part of the change is the desire to create efficiencies through mass production.

The problem is that your patient isn’t a mass produced being.

Every mouth is different. Every problem is unique. The patient’s emotions, experience and expectations add a layer of complexity to the entire process.

When your patient opens their wallet will it be easier for them to pay for a custom made dental design created by a 40+ year veteran or one made by a CAD/CAM machine or 3D printer?

What about outsourcing the work to a foreign lab?

Regulation is important. It’s there to protect you and your patient.

Not all labs around the world are held to the same standards.

And when they don’t get the work done the way you need, you end up wasting lots of time - and money.

We can come to your office if necessary, helping to solve your problem on the fly if that's what you need. Can they?

Some patients are concerned about the cost of having custom work done. How can you help me with this?

We empathize with your dilemma.

We know the patient’s budget is more than simply financial. It includes their time and their emotions.

We help you manage the patient’s overall budget by working closely with you to solve unexpected problems and by getting your patient the results they want in the fewest possible steps.

At Vogue custom means: a tailored patient experience.

Resulting in less chair time, fewer follow ups, and reduced anxiety for your patient.

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